The Forge Market Wishes To Welcome New Young Traders!

The Forge Market has been a staple in Glasgow for many decades and has accumulated a large group of traders. There are traders from all sorts of different backgrounds spanning different cultures, different ages, and different types of businesses.

The market has an array of cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, clothing stalls, furniture stalls and many other unique businesses such as: a bath-bomb stall, a memorial orientated stall, a balloon stall and many many more. The market has some young people working with traders already however, market manager Linzi Holmes thinks the market is in need of more young traders.

Linzi said: “The market needs a refresher, we have noticed the rise in young people starting their own businesses over the lockdowns and we want to offer them their own unit to help build.

“We’re the largest indoor market in Scotland at 85,000 square feet, over 150 stalls and 10 thousand guests a week we’re always looking for something new.”

One of the Forge Market’s many stalls that features young people as workers

Over the last 20 years traders have been able to build a large supportive community between each other and visitors alike.

Many businesses that started in the Forge have gone on to became staples within Glasgow such as ‘Mental Munchies’ and the former Dyson repair shop.

As there is some empty stall spaces around the market it means young people with a sound business idea and good work ethic can bring their business to the Forge and have the opportunity to succeed!

Another stall within the market that appeals to young adults

Linzi said: “We are crying out for Glasgow’s finest businesses, especially fishmongers, fruit and veg venders, footwear sellers, cosmetics and key cutters.”

The Forge Market is open Thursday to Sunday 10am to 5pm every week and is located in the Parkhead region of Glasgow. If you wish to get in touch with the market or make an enquiry you can contact Linzi via 07968222151.

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