Scotland Were Victorious Against Hungary

Scotland came out on top against Hungary on Friday as their World Cup qualifying started strong. An Erin Cuthbert penalty and a Martha Thomas header sealed the deal for the visitors who now sit second in their group.

Spain is currently top of the group with 3 points after beating the Faroe Islands 10-0.

Scotland head coach, Pedro Martinez Losa, said: “I’m very proud of the performance, we knew this game was very difficult for us in terms of preparation and the little time we had to put the team together and the long time we couldn’t have with the team. The effort, the game plan and the game was brilliant it was a very positive start.

“I think we could’ve scored more. We found space, some of the combinations were good and balls hitting off the crossbar we need to build on that confidence. The test today was to build the confidence to make sure we can prove that we can win games and put a stamp on the kind of play style we want.

Hampden Park the home of the Scotland National Teams

“It’s a team performance, of course when we have better players and more talent makes it a little easier, but these girls give it everything in terms of preparation, in their efforts when playing for their country. When putting the game plan together we just have to forget the players that aren’t here and try to make sure we complete a good performance.

“We can’t wait to be back at Hampden with supporters we just want the fans to come to support us if we can offer them a good show, good goals and three points that would be fantastic.”

Scotland can qualify to the World Cup if they remain in second place via play-off matches against other runner up teams. Their next match is on Tuesday at 7:35pm against the Faroe Islands at Hampden Park.

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