How A Student Found His Dream Job Using Unconventional Methods

When it comes to marketing sometimes being unconventional is the way forward. That’s how marketing university student Benas Ruzgys secured himself his dream job as a digital marketing assistant with Derby-based creative agency think3.

Using a QR code and a self-built landing page he approached the agency in a creative and unconventional way, standing out from the crowd and proving that he was the right person to join the growing agency.

Benas used a completely unique approach to grab the attention by carefully placing QR codes outside of their city centre studio, one positioned strategically around all routes into the studio for each of the think3 directors with a final one being placed on the studio door. The QR code linked to his portfolio where he had also gone as far as researching their clients and adding his creative flair to some campaign marketing ideas he could bring to the team to help elevate client campaigns.

Lee Marples, co-founder of think3 said: “Benas showed that he can think outside of the box and grab the attention of the intended audience with an ingenious way of showcasing his ability to be both creative and have maximum impact. It was a no brainer for us, once we’d calmed down from the excitement, to get him in for a conversation which led to him successfully gaining the placement year he was looking for with think3. We can’t wait for him to get started on campaigns for our clients that get the same attention he got from us”

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

When asked why he chose to do things this way Benas said: “My approach was quite simple, but clever if I say so myself. I’ve investigated think3 clients and made a few advertisement concepts with the agency’s clients. Put everything up into a custom 1-page website and added some explanations of the thought process as well as highlights of my portfolio and finished it by asking them to DM me on LinkedIn”.

The student had also carefully taken the time to research the agency before approaching them, he had already connected with the co-founders via LinkedIn, giving them no reason not to respond.

With the demand for high levels of talent in the marketing industry sitting at 59% according to Left Bank, it is becoming more competitive than ever to secure an entry-level position or university placement. The most in-demand digital marketing skills are digital advertising (45%) and content creation and curation (42%).

Data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that 22% of graduates are not in employment for six months which is why securing a placement as an undergraduate to gain valuable experience is crucial. According to The Graduate Market 2021, The unprecedented Coronavirus crisis meant that employers featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers cut their graduate recruitment by 15.1% in 2020, compared to the original recruitment targets for the year. The number of graduates recruited was 12.3% lower than in 2019, the largest annual fall in graduate recruitment at the UK’s top employers for eleven years.

Lee added “It’s important for candidates when looking at their employers of choice to make sure they stand out from the crowd. We can receive tens and sometimes hundreds of applications for certain vacancies and therefore, in this sector specifically, making sure you don’t get lost amongst a pile of CVs will certainly get you to the top of the candidates for interview. Being creative with your approach will more than likely get you the interview you hoped for and stand you with a better chance of being recruited by some of the country’s top employers.”

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