Extinction Rebellion Northern Ireland “Stand With” Those At Climate Conference

Extinction Rebellion demonstrate at George Square – Credit: Jenna Thomson

Extinction Rebellion Northern Ireland have taken to George Square in a demonstration to ask the leaders and delegates taking part in the discussions at the UN Conference Of Parties (COP26) to ‘make the right decisions for the right reasons’ and tackle the ongoing climate crisis.

Adam, who was demonstrating alongside the group said: “Today we had an action to talk about petroleum licensing and a large group of us have came over from Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Many will think it strange that two groups from either side of the fence are working together but as far as we are concerned climate change has no borders, it involves everyone.

“We came here to be a part of COP26, keep the momentum going and to let everyone know that everyone in the conference is supported by every one of us here and we want them to make the right decisions for the right reasons, not necessarily to pressure them but to say that we are here and we hear what is needing to be done”

This comes after extinction rebellion have staged a number of other demonstrations including a protest outside a now closed JP Morgan building on Waterloo Street demanding that world leaders “stop killing us” and also demanding and end to the fossil fuel industry by cutting its finances.

Extinction Rebellion demanded an end to the funding of fossil fuels at a protest on Waterloo Street – Credit: Acacia O’Donnell

Extinction Rebellion have also utilised more extreme measures of protest in recent times such as blocking the M25 motorway along with climate group Insulate Britain, a move which has sparked controversy. So it feels like a breath of fresh air to many to see a peaceful demonstration and to know that they stand with those who are partaking in the discussions.

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