Aberdeen defeat Accies 2-1 in the SWPL1

Aberdeen returned to their winning ways after a nine-match losing streak with a 2-1 victory over Hamilton Accies. Aberdeen now sits in fifth ahead of Motherwell on goal difference.

Aberdeen opened the scoring thanks to a close-range delivery from Bayley Hutchinson that narrowly escaped Jeni Currie Hamilton keeper 17 minutes into the game. Aberdeen dominated the first half with multiple attempts at goal. The goals rushing in for the ‘dons as Hutchinson eased the ball into the net after holding her own against two Accies defenders at once shortly into the second-half. An offside Aberdeen goal from Jo Fraser almost tripled the visitors lead but it was disallowed.

Emma Hunter, co-manager of Aberdeen said: “It was vitally important the three points take us back up the table where we feel belong.

The two teams under the flood lights. Photo credit- Jenna Thompson

“Bayley has got a lot of pace and as a player she knows what her strengths are and always tries to play off the last defender, we always knew we would get chances like that.

“As a team we have learned lessons in terms of trying to overplay and sometimes being direct in behind and getting them turning. I thought Bayley gave them a difficult time the team did really well, it was disappointing to lose the goal I think defensively we were really strong.”

Accies continued to lie down to the opposition in the initial stages of the second half as Aberdeen continued their occupation of their box and kept Currie on her toes. Accies’ most promising attempt at goal came from a three-player back-to-back struggle against debut Aberdeen keeper Aaliyah-Jay Meach that left Accies unlucky. Accies really came into force in the final 15 minutes with Josie Giard speeding past a complacent Aberdeen defence stopping their clean sheet making it 2-1.

Robert Watson, assistant manager of Hamilton said:” it was a fair game across the board they were maybe slightly better in possession than us, but we finished the game far stronger.

“The disappointing moment for us was losing two similar goals other than that our keepers didn’t make any saves. We punished them for their poor defensive header and to me that tells the story of the game, it is two teams at the bottom half of the league scrapping, ultimately, we came away with nothing and that is our disappointment.

“I think as a group we are fairly good at looking forward, a few people are getting carried away when we’re a win from the team above us. At one point everyone said Hearts were in trouble now they have won two or three games and are sitting sixth, people need to calm down and look at the bigger picture.”

Full length interviews with both managers

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