Betel raises Christmas cash for the homeless

The Motherwell branch of Betel took to the town centre in elaborate costumes to spread some Christmas cheer and raise funds for local homeless people and those struggling with addiction.

The Christian charity offers shelter and opportunities to those fallen on hard times that wish to turn their life around.

They allow people the chance to engage in meaningful work and help build strong relationships with others going through similar experiences. Work opportunities involve furniture repair, garden maintenance and landscaping, working in charity shops, catering, vehicle repairs and many more.

Members of Betel fundraising in Motherwell today.

A volunteer from Betel said:” We are here to bring joy to the town centre over Christmas, as a Christian charity we take great happiness in helping others.

“Christmas Eve is our last day fundraising over Christmas however, we work all year long and we are based up at the Old Mill.

“I have been apart of the program myself, I was an addict for many years and I’ve seen the success the charity has first hand.”

If you wish to donate to the charity or get involved more information can be found on their website. Alternatively you can donate to the Motherwell branch directly by stopping by the high street during their performances.

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