Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: The confusing lore always comes back

After almost two years of delays and pushbacks Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has finally arrived and it’s different to say the least…

A free-roam FNAF game with a seemingly new villain and robots had fans excited to see how Steel Wool would carry on the FNAF legacy after creator Scott Cawthon stepped back during production.

The game seems to follow the continuity established by the original seven games of William Afton being a child murdering serial killer, Afton being an almost lifeless corpse inside Springtrap and builds on the idea that he is a virus of sorts that can infect host bodies making them conduct his bidding (as seen in FNAF Help Wanted) known as Glitchtrap.

Security Breach (SB) continues the idea of him being a virus and a shuffling husk all at the same time as seen in the game’s various endings and through the inclusion of the character ‘Vanny’. The game also plays with new ideas such as the animatronics being able to turn on each other and that FNAF 6 Pizzeria Simulator’s ending may not have been as cut and dry as it appeared to be.

With multiple half stories being told throughout the game it has left fans confused as to what is canon and how it fits into the timeline. Using information provided from both the book series and the games here are some of the most likely lore theories that will be confirmed to be cannon further down the line.

Steel Wool promoting the game on Twitter.

Theory 1)- Vanny = Vanessa

Throughout the game Pizzaplex security guard Vanessa hunts down homeless orphan Gregory (the player) and Freddy down in hopes of evicting him from the building. However, Vanessa doesn’t seem to be what she appears to be.

Throughout the game a woman in a rabbit costume called Vanny messes with the robots’ hardware making them become hostile Gregory. Vanny skips around the Pizzaplex and makes your screen glitch as she torments you.

Vanny is believed to be the women heard on the Glitchtrap tapes in Help Wanted warning you about Glitchtrap (William Afton). She is also seen in FNAF Special Delivery under the name ‘Nessa’ researching things on her computer such as ‘how to maintain control of a subject’ and ‘help’. It’s believed she was infected by William Afton and is being brainwashed by him.

Evidence to support the theory:

1)The tapes and easter eggs within the two previous FNAF games heavily alluded to this being the case.

2)Scott Cawthon is very particular in the use of names- whenever they are repeated and sometimes tweaked it’s done so the character has a lore related alias. (Michael Afton going by Mike Schmidt in FNAF 1 and Fritz Smith in FNAF 2 to avoid being identified as William’s son.)

3)She has a similar appearance to Vanessa, both have blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, both are light skinned and look to be in their 20s.

BrunoRAFYS’s video comparing the evolution of Vanny’s jumpscares.

Evidence to disprove the theory:

1) The hidden therapy tapes and hidden staff logs note someone other than Vanessa being in the Pizzaplex acting suspiciously and the therapy tapes feature two different patients.

2)In the ending that shows Vanny being killed by the S.T.A.F.F bots Vanessa can be seen on the roof looking down on the aftermath.

3)Despite wanting to turn him over to the police Vanessa seems to have Gregory’s best interest at heart and keeps him in the lost and found section of the building in hopes of keeping him safe from the other animatronics.

Theory 2)- Montgomery Gator destroyed Bonnie

Everyone’s favourite non-serial killer rabbit Bonnie was notably missing from SB despite there being mentions of him throughout the Pizzaplex.

As Bonnie was the Fazzbear band’s guitarist seeing Monty taking that role seems suspicious for some. Freddy also appears to be sad as he references Bonnie saying, ‘there isn’t a rabbit at the Pizzaplex, at least not for a while’ and that he misses him alluding that he must’ve been present at some point.

Evidence to support the theory:

1)Monty is a very brash and aggressive animatronic that is seen throughout the game destroying his dressing room and busting down doors.

2)Originally Bonnie was one of the most aggressive animatronics in the series so if Monty had destroyed Bonnie, it could’ve been an act of self-defence.

3)In the final level of the golf minigame Freddy is left in a dumpster, with Monty presumably taking his role as the lead animatronic entertainer, showing that he may be jealous of Freddy’s leadership and wishes to overthrow him as the lead singer. If he can do that to Freddy who is to say he didn’t do the same to Bonnie?

4)One of the hidden duffel bag messages reveal Bonnie wandered into the Gator Golf area seemingly on the night he was decommissioned.

Rubhen925‘s video comparing Monty jumpscares.

Evidence to disprove the theory:

1)The owners of the Pizzaplex seem to rather replace broken animatronics than repair them. This is shown in one of the endings as a newspaper reveals that Glamrock Mr. Hippo has taken Monty’s place, as he now takes the role of Glamrock Freddy as the lead singer of the band.

2) The previously mentioned ending also shows the animatronics fully repaired after Gregory destroys them for their spare parts, further showing that they don’t get rid of broken animatronics.

Theory 3)- Michael Afton is possessing Glamrock Freddy and Gregory isn’t human

This theory was made popular by ‘The Game Theorists’ also known as Mat Pat and is one of the most controversial.

Mat Pat’s originally theory.

The theory goes that after the FNAF 6 fire, Michael Afton dies and his spirit goes on to haunt Glamrock Freddy and that is why he is so eager to help Gregory and why it takes him so long to be infiltrated by good old dad, William Afton.

Mat also suggests that the conscience of Evan Afton (the Crying Child) has somehow been implanted into Gregory and that is why a potential Michael possessed Freddy wants to help him. Or that he is a robotic version of Evan created by a grieving William Afton.

Evidence to support the theory:

Mat Pat’s second theory.

1) Scrapped voice lines reveal Freddy saying Gregory is ‘broken’ and he remembers him and knows why he isn’t in the customer database before he gets cut off, which could be a call back to what the Golden Freddy plush says to the Crying Child on his death bed and the bite of 83’ in FNAF 4.

2)The Fazbear Frights books continuously tell stories of robots stealing people’s identity and swapping consciences with humans. They also tell various stories of dead children being brought back to life in the form of hyper-realistic animatronics.

3)Chica tells Gregory his parents are looking for him and want him to follow her while William Afton Evan’s dad is controlling her.

4) Vanny distorts Gregory’s vision to make it appear glitchy and doesn’t impact it the way you’d expect a human’s eyes to react.

5) Freddy is keen to burn the building down the same way Michael has in previous games and has a lighter built into his finger.

6) Freddy says his friends were taken to the underground FNAF 6 location and that they are furious, the Glamrocks aren’t part of the blob monster and aren’t apart of this section of the game until the boss battle at the end. Michael/ Freddy could’ve been referring to his friends that aided him in the bite of 83’.

Evidence that disproves the theory:

1) Crying Child went on to possess Golden Freddy alongside Cassidy and has his spirit released in FNAF 3.

2) Michael is alive and basically immortal due to the leftover remnant in his system after Ennard left his body.

3)Freddy says he could detect blood coming from Gregory.

The FNAF series is more confusing than ever and as more information is found within the game hopefully one day the lore will make sense.

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