Raith Rovers become McDermid Ladies following Goodwillie signing

Raith Rovers’ ladies’ team have officially rebranded as McDermid Ladies following Raith Rovers’ controversial decision to sign David Goodwillie. The fallout of the signing saw Tyler Rattray, Raith’s captain, quit after playing for the club for 10 years.

Famous author Val McDermid was one of Raith’s biggest supporters and sponsors and has distanced herself from the club to help aid the newly rebranded McDermid Ladies. Their strips will no longer have the Raith Rovers badge or branding, and the team will play at Windmill Community Campus instead of Stark Park.

The inclusion of Goodwillie also seen local politicians and the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon weighing in on the matter.

McDermid Ladies will continue to play their scheduled fixtures starting with Livingston Development at home on Sunday the fifth of February at 2pm.

Raith Rovers Community Club’s made the following statement on Twitter:

Tyler Rattary said:” After 10 long years playing for Raith, it’s gutting I have given up now because they have signed someone like this, and I want nothing to do with it! It was good being captain of Raith while it lasted.”

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