The ‘Smelliest Coo’ in Glasgow- Smelly Coo product review

Upon hearing the name ‘Smelly Coo’ you may get the wrong impression of the Glasgow-based company, but I am here to tell you their products will leave you feeling like the nicest smelling cow in Scotland.

Their impressive catalogue offers soap infused sponges, whipped soaps, diffuser oils, wax melts, carpet fresh, room sprays, bath bomb powders, and scented sizzlers.

Their products come in an array of scents and even come in masculine flavours so the men in your life can pamper themselves. These smells include Kreed, Savage and Victis. These scents are all affordable dupes of famous aftershaves and are available across their various products.

I managed to pick up two whipped soaps, two soap infused sponges, a bath bomb powder and their scented sizzlers and I have fallen in love.

The products I was able to review- Photo credit Jenna Thomson

I have been using their ‘Enchantment’ soap infused sponge and their ‘Snow Faerie’ whipped soap for almost two months and it has changed my life.

When I hop in the shower and wash my body, arms, legs and so forth with the whipped soap I then follow it up with the sponge and it leaves me feeling incredibly refreshed and spotless.

Their whipped soaps are the perfect treat for the man or woman of your dreams. The soap has a soft texture once wet and melts onto your body which leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling fabulous. Their ‘Snow Fairie ’, ‘Purple Violet’ ‘Raspberry Prosecco’ and ‘Kreed’ scents are to die for! They’re also great for shaving your legs or forearms and leave you feeling like a brand new person.

Their range of soap infused sponges will let you experience a level of cleanliness previously unknown to man! The sponges are great as they’re exfoliating and can be used for removing fake tan and scrubbing off any dry or dead skin plus they’re cruelty free and vegan friendly meaning you can scrub without guilt! These come in a range of scents but their ‘Snow Fairie’, ‘Enchantment’ and ‘Savage’ scents are by far the best.

Their products are affordable and can be ordered via their online store and their wax melts have started appearing in stores in and around the Glasgow area. If you are struggling for gifts for your significant other this Valentine’s Day the Smelly Coo has you covered but hurry stocks won’t last forever.

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