Glasgow colleges team up with White Ribbon to end gender-based violence

City of Glasgow College alongside Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Kelvingrove College took part in a charity football tournament to raise awareness to the ‘White Ribbon’ campaign. White Ribbon raises awareness and provides men and boys with educational tools to better understand how to help prevent gender-based violence.

White Ribbon Scotland found that in 2020-21, there were 65,251 domestic abuse incidents recorded by Police Scotland. 80% of the calls involved female victims and a male accused. While not all men abuse women far too many men do, and the work done by White Ribbon aims to prevent gender-based violence before it escalates into major behavioural problems that could see someone become seriously injured physically or mentally. They also urge men to take their pledge to not remain silent about, take part in or condone sexist or abusive behaviour.

Watch the Hummingbird Journal’s broadcast and interviews from the event here:

Video credit-Jenna Thomson

Davy Thompson, campaign director for White Ribbon said:” We have worked alongside Glasgow Kelvin for a number of years. We run what we call White Ribbon status projects and Glasgow Kelvin was awarded White Ribbon status then during the Covid period we’ve been working with Glasgow Clyde, and they got White Ribbon status back in December.

“We are now going to be working with City of Glasgow which is fantastic as it allows events like the tournament to take place and spreads awareness about needing more men to address violence against women.

“Getting White Ribbon status is about holding events to take messages out to men about what violence against women really is, how prevalent it is, and what they could be doing to help stop it.

“We always acknowledge that gender-based violence can affect men too, it can affect those in same sex relationships, but we are concentrating on male violence towards women because that is the biggest part of the situation. If we can get on top of that then there is no reason to think the others will survive and continue to happen.

The members of the different student associations involved-Photo credit Jenna Thomson

“Most men sign the pledge after reading the first bit that says I won’t commit it and they don’t, but it allows us to talk to them about the other two sections, are they doing anything that would condone it even in the mind of an abuser that would make them think it’s okay? The last bit is really important about not remaining silent about it.

“We want to change attitudes and we can change them across Scotland if there is enough projects running. If we can change the attitudes that tend to condone it we change the attitudes of the abusers so that they’re the ones looking over their shoulder and wonder what is going to happen rather than women wondering if they’re in a safe space.”

Regional champions Clean Up FC-Photo credit Jenna Thomson

Regional champion and Clean Up FC captain, Lewis Irving said:”it feels fantastic to be crowned regional champions that’s us done for the year now at college so this just tops it off.

“We signed up to play today because we love playing football and we all made the White Ribbon pledge to help support those impacted by violence.

“We want those that may have experienced gender-based violence to know that they’re not alone and we’re here to support you.”

Information about White Ribbon, how you can contact them and how you can take the pledge can be found on their website. If you have been the victim of gender-based violence or any other form of discriminatory behaviour and are a student at either City of Glasgow, Glasgow Kelvin or Clyde College you can report it to your student associations.

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