Edinburgh Zoo’s ‘magic moment’ met our high expectations

Edinburgh Zoo has been known as a joyous fun place to spend your day either as a family or without one. That is why my mother and I jumped when we were given the opportunity to experience one of their ‘magic moments’ with their new giraffe herd.

We arrived at the zoo early and after informing reception of my mum’s mobility problems due to her sight loss we were given free access to their mobility vehicles we could use throughout the day, all we had to do was call the phone number provided and we would be driven to wherever int the park we wanted to go.

Inside the giraffe enclosure-Photo credit Jenna Thomson

The experience itself only lasted half an hour but in that time you are shown around the enclosure, you learn about the different conservation schemes Edinburgh is involved in and you get to feed the giraffes.

You are provided with gloves and a variety of plants then instructed on how to safely feed, communicate with, and even identify the five different giraffes.

The staff were super friendly and extremely accommodating to my mum’s needs so that she could get as much enjoyment out the experience as any other guest. The staff also kindly took about a million pictures and videos on our phones to keep the memories close to us.

‘Arrow’ the giraffe- Photo credit Jenna Thomson

Being inches away from the giraffes and feeding them was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Edinburgh Zoo offers magic moments with their giraffes, meerkats, penguins, armadillos, sloths and rhinos which vary in price. For our giraffe experience it costed £120 per person. Included in the price is admission to the zoo, 10% off at the gift shop and free car parking. Information on these packages can be found on their website.

Overall, the experience was phenomenal and we can’t recommend it enough for animal lovers. The experience is expensive so I would personally advise you book it in honour of a special occasion. If you would enjoy taking part overall and don’t have a preference for what animal you would like to be involved with there will be a package and price range that suits your needs.

Rating 5/5

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