Upper Crust is an utter delight-Food review

Upper Crust in Motherwell has become a staple in the community for good food and is often the joked meeting place for many outrageous and impossible signings for Motherwell FC. Located on not even five minutes away from the town centre Upper Crust has a little bit of everything to suit even the fussiest of pallets.

The sandwich shop operates two stores right next to one another, the hot shop, and the cold shop.

The hot shop is the home to the famous ‘chicken ferno’ and you can’t go to Upper Crust to review the food without trying one. Available as both a baguette or wrap a standard ferno includes chicken strips salad and bacon upon request or alternatively if you’re a plain person like me you can order it as just the chicken strips. Upper Crust also offers a variety of burgers, hot dogs, pies macaroni, cans and bottles of juice, alongside slush puppies and breakfast items. Not only do they have a large variety of lunch and breakfast options they also sell delicious pastries and cakes.

I ordered a ferno baguette with a side of chips and curry sauce whereas my boyfriend ordered the Mexican cheese panini from the cold shop. The curry sauce was the perfect blend of spicy and flavourful, the chicken was tender, and the chips were a good balance of crispy and golden. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and washed it down with a can of Lilt all for under £7. My boyfriend’s panini and juice came to under £5 which he also thoroughly enjoyed.

Chicken Ferno-Photo credit Jenna Thomson

The only downside to eating from Upper Crust is the lack of seating areas to enjoy your food. The stores don’t offer inside dining and there are no benches nearby either meaning you either sit in your car and eat or you walk and eat elsewhere. That being said however, on a nice sunny warm day it can be enjoyable.

Overall, it’s hard to imagine Motherwell without its beloved sandwich shop.

Rating 5/5

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