Scott Brown’s Farewell ends in goalless stalemate

In a rather fitting ending judging how this season has gone for Celtic, they sent of captain Scott Brown with another disappointing 0-0 draw away to Hibernian. A lackluster performance from the away said paired with a very compact, striker-less Hibernian side, left little to surprise as both sides did not create much in either third. Celtic’s best chances came in the first 25 minutes … Continue reading Scott Brown’s Farewell ends in goalless stalemate

Song Review: Weekend Debt – Nobody Everyone

Second release of 2021 for Glasgow band, Weekend Debt, has continued their quick rise through the Alternative rock scene in Glasgow, using their own variation to create high tempo, incredibly melodic tunes to add to the high class of Glasgow based bands. With just two and a half months between their last release ‘Why don’t you Realise’ and ‘Nobody Everyone’ the band are on the … Continue reading Song Review: Weekend Debt – Nobody Everyone

No Way Jose!

Jose Mourinho has been sacked from Tottenham Hotspur as of the 19th of April. Although there was no official statement from Daniel Levy or Tottenham themselves as to why Mourinho has been sacked, there have been multiple different conclusions made up by varied reporters and people on social media as to why it has happened, especially with their EFL cup final against Manchester City just … Continue reading No Way Jose!

NBA Draft 2011 – Where are they now?

The NBA draft saw high quality players such as, Kawhi Leonard (15th pick), Klay Thompson (11th pick) and Jimmy Butler (30th pick), get their route into the NBA and climb from the bottom of the ranks to the top of their game, but what happened to the incredibly talented top picks from that year? 1st overall pick – Kyrie Irving Drafted to the Cavaliers in … Continue reading NBA Draft 2011 – Where are they now?

Song Review: Vistas- ‘Start Again’

Edinburgh band Vistas have made their return after a six-month hiatus, with their new single ‘Start Again’. They have definitely followed up with another great tune after a massive 2020 which saw the band release their debut album ‘Everything Changes in The End.’ With the band continuing their upbeat, bright, anthemic style it’s no wonder why their followers are so hyped about the song. With … Continue reading Song Review: Vistas- ‘Start Again’

Song Review: Voodoos- It’s your life

Glasgow Indie band Voodoos have released their ninth single over the past week ‘It’s Your Life’. Following on from a massive 2020 for the band, which saw releases such as TV set, Young Punks, Going South and What was that supposed to mean, fans were eagerly waiting for the first release of what is expected to be another huge year for the boys from Coatbridge. … Continue reading Song Review: Voodoos- It’s your life