Fighting Fast Fashion – a modern day dilemma

Who would have thought that the clothes we wear – or not wear – would cause such harm and chaos to the very place we call ‘home’. Maybe you would have thought twice about that clothing you bought in the most recent sale if you knew the harm it would cause to the environment.  The widely known term ‘fast fashion’ is used to describe the … Continue reading Fighting Fast Fashion – a modern day dilemma

REVIEW: Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Upon entry, we had a very warm welcome from the host staff before we were seated comfortably at the bar. This boutique hotel and bar is very aesthetically pleasing and has a different vibe/theme in every room. We went around 2pm and it’s safe to say that this is a prime time for day drinkers! The staff behind the bar were very attentive and joyous. … Continue reading REVIEW: Tigerlily, Edinburgh

We want support, when do we want it? YESTERDAY

Children within Renfrewshire are at breaking point with the lack of support for their mental health, provided by Renfrewshire council. As if the current pandemic isn’t bad enough, Stephen McLellan, chief executive of RAMH has branded this mental health problem as “an epidemic”.  According to the Daily Record, many children, mostly those that are vulnerable have been begging the council for more mental health support. … Continue reading We want support, when do we want it? YESTERDAY

Please sir, may I have some food and shelter

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s not to take our basic needs for granted. When we’re cooking a meal we should be thankful that we can provide for ourselves; when running a bath we could be grateful for being clean; and when we settle down for the night we should remember that a further 4% of our population has become homeless since … Continue reading Please sir, may I have some food and shelter

REVIEW: Chaophraya, Edinburgh

Situated neatly above Castle Street, lies this very attractive Thai restaurant with magnificent views of the city. Chaophraya has a gold and black theme which anyone can see from the entrance as the staircase really is a work of art. Glossy black slabs and light up stairs, guide each person to the top floor of the restaurant.  Chaophraya has an ‘outside’ seating area which is … Continue reading REVIEW: Chaophraya, Edinburgh