Geek Bars: The Killer New Trend?

Vaping has been around since 2006, introduced as another form of smoking. Many people believed that vaping was, essentially, ‘healthier’ than smoking as it does not include tobacco, which creates ‘tar’. This ‘tar’ not only damages the lungs but also rots away the mouth and can desensitize tastebuds, ruining your sense of taste. Smoking tobacco is also the leading cause of lung cancer – by … Continue reading Geek Bars: The Killer New Trend?

Smoking Ban Threatens Pubs

Shops, pubs and restaurants all start to re-open as we start to gain some normality after over a year of uncertainty, but people still have some fears. Even with these re-openings, certain restrictions remain in place. One that could be a problem for pubs is the ban on drinking alcohol inside. Alcohol can be served outside until 10pm, however it is not the curfew that … Continue reading Smoking Ban Threatens Pubs