Forfar Farmington Withdraw From The SWPL1

Angus’s professional women’s football team, Forfar Farmington has announced they have had to withdraw from the Scottish Women’s Premier League over player shortages. After key players such as Donna Paterson and London Pollard departed the club, Forfar were unfortunately unable to recruit enough players to have a full squad. Despite recently hiring Eddie Wolecki Black to be their head coach it sadly wasn’t enough. In … Continue reading Forfar Farmington Withdraw From The SWPL1

The Final Matches- SWPL1 Results Recap 06/06/21

Now the season is over and Champions League slots have been awarded here is how the league finished. Glasgow City lifted the League trophy yesterday as they secured their 14th title win in a row after a 2-0 win over one of their strongest competitors this season Rangers FC. Goals from Hayley Lauder and Niamh Farrelly sealed the deal for Glasgow City. Not only are … Continue reading The Final Matches- SWPL1 Results Recap 06/06/21

SWPL1 Results Roundup 20/05/21

With only three games remaining in the season the pressure is on. Here is how the eight teams performed ahead of tonight’s games. Glasgow City is still sitting strong at the top of the table thanks to their 0-0 result against Hibs as their place in the Champions League is all but confirmed. The Old Firm was in full swing on Sunday with Celtic defeating … Continue reading SWPL1 Results Roundup 20/05/21

SWPL1 Results Roundup 19/05/21

As the final few games of the season approach here are the results you may have missed. Celtic continued their unbeaten run with a 4-0 victory over Spartans. With goals from Jodie Bartle, Mariah Lee, Jacynta Galabadaarachchi and Sarah Ewens Celtic have kept five clean sheets and have went nine games with no loses. Rangers continued to chase their Champions League dreams with a 3-0 … Continue reading SWPL1 Results Roundup 19/05/21

SWPL1 Results Recap 16/05/21

As more midweek fixtures take place here is the results you may have missed on Sunday. Hibernian met Motherwell at the Penny Cars Stadium where a well contested match seen the visitors walk away with a 1-0 victory thanks to the efforts of Eilidh Adams. Glasgow City continued to show their scoring abilities in a convincing 8-0 win over Forfar Farmington. A hat trick from … Continue reading SWPL1 Results Recap 16/05/21

SWPL1 Results Roundup 12/05/21

The title race continues as Rangers were able to sneak back into second place on the table as Glasgow City and Celtic both dropped points but what exactly were Wednesday’s results? Glasgow City drew 0-0 with Celtic and with two penalties being saved both teams walked away with one point each as Glasgow remain top of the table and Celtic fell back down into third. … Continue reading SWPL1 Results Roundup 12/05/21